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Top 8 INSIDIOUS goals of the communist Biden regime
By sdwells // 2023-04-13
Welcome to the era of fiscal insanity and deconstruction of the Republic of America. In this modern period, the term "liberal" means total intolerance and Godlessness, and "Green Energy" means a return to the Dark Ages. Under the rule of the Chi-Com puppet, Beijing Biden, peace is a dirty word. No longer are peaceful protests legal in the USA, and no longer can comedians make fun of the politicians in Washington DC, or face the wrath of the communists in control (think Hitlery memes and "Resident Biden" posts). In the new Amerika, if you are white, you are automatically a racist and white supremacist. In the new Amerika, if you are straight, then you automatically are a gay-basher and a bigot. In the new Amerika, if you own guns and voted for Trump, you are a domestic terrorist. In the new Amerika, if you drive a gas-fueled automobile, you are a thoughtless, selfish, narcissist who is causing the world to burst into flames in the next 10 years. In the new Amerika, if you don't wear a Covid mask 24/7/365, you are a leper who spreads disease on purpose and doesn't respect authority (Fauci law). Then there's Big Pharma. Yes, pharma has always been evil, since it's inception before WWII, but now, with the Covid clot shots, it's resist or be killed. Cancer cases have exploded due to spike protein syndrome, and turbo cancer is in full effect, causing tumors to grow exponentially and faster than ever before. The regime likes this. It's part of the depopulation plan in the New Amerika.

Are you familiar with the new Amerika democrat-run 8-phase communist manifesto?

  1. They want everyone to be perverted (and Godless) so they can't think about what really matters in life at all.
  2. They want to eliminate the middle class so everyone is poor and desperate for Big Government handouts.
  3. They want everyone injected with clot shot spike proteins so we're all dying a quickened, expensive death.
  4. They want to replace all Americans with illegal immigrants who will vote for free stuff in a new socialist (communist) Amerika.
  5. They want everyone to become druggies so they can overdose us all with fentanyl and tranq.
  6. They want everyone eating worms, crickets, zombie eggs and test-tube-Franken-meat so they can laugh in their palaces while they eat steaks and caviar.
  7. They want everyone to buy energy-wasting electric cars that cost 3 times as much as gasoline fueled automobiles, and that use batteries that cost $20,000 to replace every few years.
  8. They want every citizen to support endless wars where the politicians embezzle trillions (a.k.a. fiscal insanity) while dealing weapons to terrorists.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a huge scam, cost more to fuel up than gas, and finding a charging station can take hours driving "deadhead miles"

Take one good guess at the fuel an EV station uses to function. Hint: it's not solar power, windmill power or battery power. EV automobiles are an enormous burden in time and energy just finding chargers and getting them charged, plus, you're paying MORE in terms of charging costs, so there's no "saving money" or saving the planet anyway you slice it. That's not all folks. There are 3 other EV costs besides the electricity cost at the station that's fueled by fossil fuel. There's the cost of the home charger, the EV tax, and the "deadhead miles" driving around the region searching for a station that’s open and not backed up for miles. It's all a scam, like "trickle down economics." Tune your internet dial to for more tips on how to use natural remedies for preventative medicine and for healing, instead of succumbing to Big Pharma and the Beijing Biden Chi-Com Regime, that wants us all perpetually sick, dumb, and begging for toxic vaccines. Sources for this article include: