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Hate bot ChatGPT shows you the evil within big tech (and Republicans who protect them)
By newseditors // 2023-02-07
Humans are effective liars. Robots, for now, can only say what they’ve been programmed to, which makes them honest. Thanks to ChatGPT, an AI bot from Silicon Valley, we finally have a full accounting of what Big Tech’s agenda for the country is. You’re not going to like it. (Article by Cernovich republished from First, why does Big Tech lie about their agenda? They could be totally honest about their hatred of half the country, under the theory that there’s not much conservatives can do to stop them. Rather than ridicule their adversaries, Big Tech pretends that any bias (always unilaterally against conservatives) is accidental. Why? That’s a great question, and there’s a two-word answer to this: Jim Jordan. Jim Jordan is a very tough guy who accomplishes nothing legislatively. While railing against Big Tech in front of television cameras, he fails to tell his voters that Google regularly funds junkets for Jordan and his staffers. You see, Jordan is a principled libertarian. He believes government should keep its hands off helpless monopolies. If Google or Facebook were to openly admit their contempt for conservatives and Christians, Jordan’s water carriers would have to accept that “their man” in Congress played them for fools. Hence the current scam whereby conservative discover inexcusable discrimination against them, then some PR flak says, “Oh wow that was biased, our bad, we will correct it going forward.” Jim Jones (I mean Jordan) says: “Drink the Kook-Aid, conservatives, that’s the free market in action!” Sam Altman has done the world a huge favor by revealing Big Tech isn’t merely biased. They hate conservatives, they hate Christians, and they are going to do whatever they can to usher in a Marxist regime. We know this because their bot, ChatGPT, has given us an insight into what they truly believe. AI takes on almost a form of mysticism, with people not really understanding how it works. (Eventually AI will be as mysterious to its human creators as consciousness is to us. That’s a bigger problem for another day.) Think of it this way. AI is taught. Humans choose what to teach it. For now, AI can only communicate what humans implanted in it. What has Sam Altman’s team been teaching its AI?

Wicked Racism.

ChatGPT, and hence its creators, hate white people. This “thinking” from ChatGPT is consist with the pre-genocidal rhetoric uttered by the far left, which scape goats one race for all of society’s problems.

Antichrist Propaganda.

If you ask ChatGPT about Christianity compared to other religions, you’ll get anti-Christian hatred. ChatGPT gives these answers because that’s what it was “educated” with. There’s no room for plausible deniability here. ChatGPT was taught to hate certain segments of the country.

Garden Variety Orange Man Bad Sentiment.

Overt Marxism.

The lesson of the Soviet Union is, “Socialism for me, not for thee.” ChatGPT, like its masters, want to enact outright Marxism.

Jim Jordan’s role in protecting anti-American forces within Big Tech.

Under proposed bipartisan legislation from Republican Ken Buck, antitrust enforcement against Big Tech would have happened. Jim Jordan stepped in to stop it. He distributed a memo from Google lobbyists to Republicans. I exclusively obtained the memo at the time. Tucker Carlson was not impressed, and Jim Jordan was flabbergasted when asked about it. Jim Jordan shamelessly said that regulating monopolies would be like killing kids in a “nursery.” This talking point came directly from Google lobbyists. Jim Jordan plans to stop antitrust reform.
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan’s appointment of Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., to lead the antitrust subcommittee instead of Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., is causing some conservatives to question how effective the House will be in reining in Big Tech. Jordan, R-Ohio, announced last week that Massie would chair the Subcommittee on the Administrative State, Regulatory Reform, and Antitrust, which came as a disappointment to Buck, who has been a leader from the Republican side on antitrust reform. Buck says Massie’s appointment is a signal to how Jordan plans to approach antitrust enforcement of Big Tech companies. "I was disappointed, but not surprised… when Jim told me that I would not be the subcommittee chair," Buck said in an interview with Fox News Digital. Buck noted that Massie was not previously on the subcommittee and had voted against legislation aimed at tightening antitrust enforcement on Big Tech companies.

If you have a problem with ChatGPT’s hatred, take it up for Jim Jordan. (He supports it.)

There’s real political will to break up monopolies to allow competition to flourish in a true free market. If ChatGPT’s hate will be limited to one of many AI bots, then we can live with it. Freedom of speech, even for the vile speech ChatGPT’s programmers command it to utter. Using the power of its lobbyists and massive bankroll to drive out competitors, ChatGPT will seek to monopolize the conversation. And Jim Jordan will protect them. Read more at: