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Power, transport, comms and more: People with necessary skills to reestablish society after SHTF
By zoeysky // 2022-12-14
Unlike small events like a power outage, a TEOTWAWKI ("the end of the world as we know it") event involves large-scale disaster scenarios that can bring about societal collapse. After TEOTWAWKI, certain skills will be necessary to rebuild society. If you are looking for more people to join your survival group before SHTF, look for skilled individuals like electricians and engineers so you can make the world safe again for your children. (h/t to This list won't include other common prepper skills such as: However, they are just as important so try to learn various prepping skills to prepare yourself before TEOTWAWKI. Certain skills will be necessary to restore some of society after an event like an EMP attack. These areas are some of the most critical to reestablishing society:
  • Communications
  • Electric power production and distribution
  • Petroleum distillation for transportation
  • Transportation, especially trucking
Below are people with certain skills that can help reestablish society after an SHTF event or after TEOTWAWKI.


After TEOTWAWKI, blacksmiths can help make important tools and machine parts out of metal. While industrialized operations may eventually replace them, blacksmiths have an essential role in bringing those industrialized operations back to life after a disaster.

Electric power generation engineers and technicians

These engineers and technicians design and maintain electrical power generation plants. After TEOTWAWKI, they will help these plants get going again. And if new plants are built on a smaller scale, it will probably be due to their efforts. As a sub-category of this area, knowing how to build a hydroelectric plant would be valuable, especially for mountain communities that can use water to power turbines.


Linemen bring the power to homes and businesses and electricians will help assess damage inside the houses, especially after TEOTWAWKI.

Electronics repair technicians

EMP will damage different electronic devices and you will need the help of electronic repair technicians to fix your devices. Electricians will test things, repair what needs to be repaired and replace what can’t be fixed from stocks found in warehouses.


Your area might lose access to the internet and librarians can help you gain access to information you will need to resume normal life after TEOTWAWKI. Librarians are also trained researchers and they can help preppers rebuild their communities by helping them find old ways of doing things.


After an EMP event, there's a chance that the electric power lines will be severely damaged. Restoring electric power will require running a lot of new lines on a local level, which is where linemen come in.

People with knowledge of petroleum refining and drilling

Until society finds a reasonable replacement for it, the petrochemical industry and internal combustion engines are crucial to rebuilding society. Experts will have to come up with a way to get refineries working, even on a limited basis, to restore the ability to transport goods from one place to another.


Truckers will go out and find the goods communities need and bring them back. The trucking industry might change after TEOTWAWKI, with truckers acting more as independent traders. They will have to use their trucks to haul around products for trade and bartering for products their own community needs or which they can later barter.


Before the industrial revolution, the majority of tools people used were made of wood or a combination of wood and metals from blacksmiths. Woodworkers can help repair buildings and produce tools for various tasks. has more tips on how to prepare before SHTF. Watch the video below for 30 hobbies that can help improve your prepping skills. This video is from the Truth or Consequences channel on

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