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The Dr. Ardis Show: 36 Different venom peptides behind COVID symptoms – Brighteon.TV
By kevinhughes // 2022-11-09
Texas-based chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis said 36 venoms are responsible for the symptoms of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, citing two studies to back up his claim. He made this revelation during the Nov. 2 episode of his program "The Dr. Ardis Show" on Brighteon.TV. "There are research studies out of Italy that actually found not two venoms causing COVID symptoms in the blood, urine and feces of all positive COVID 19 patients in June of 2020. They found 36 different venom peptides causing every single symptom of COVID," he said. "It didn't find any in the control group that was negative." The first study Ardis presented was from BMJ Global Health. The paper published October 2021 talked about snakebites and COVID-19 being two crises that could be a single research and development opportunity. This essentially meant that researchers now know that the only common thing in COVID-19 and snakebites is venom – opening up the possibility of creating a therapeutic that will hit two birds with one stone. "I just want you to know the world recognizes and knows that COVID-19 has more in common with venom than anything else," said the Brighteon.TV host. The second study Ardis presented was published back in August 2021. In the study, researchers from the University of Arizona identified an enzyme called phospholipase A2 (PLA2) as the key molecular mechanism responsible for COVID-19 deaths. PLA2, incidentally, is related to neurotoxins found in a rattlesnake venom. The study involving PLA2, Ardis said, shows the direct link between venom poisoning and COVID-19 death.

Different venoms found in the bodily fluids of COVID-positive Italians

The chiropractor also pointed to a separate study that talked about toxin-like peptides being found in blood, urine and fecal samples of COVID-19 patients in Italy. Researchers found that these peptides in bodily fluids had components such as phospholipases, phosphodiesterases and zinc metal proteinases – all found in animal venoms. (Related: Researchers find dozens of venom peptides in blood plasma and fecal samples from COVID-19 patients, CONFIRMING link between toxins and covid.) The samples of bodily fluids collected by the researchers contained venoms from the following snakes:
  • Malayan krait (Bungarus candidus)
  • Banded krait (B. fasciatus)
  • Uruguayan coral snake (Micrurus altirostris)
  • Chinese cobra (Naja atra)
  • Malayan spitting cobra (N. sumatrana)
  • Eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis)
Aside from snakes, Ardis said the researchers also found venoms from aquatic creatures such as marine snails and the crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci). He pointed out that venoms from the snakes and the crown-of-thorns starfish both contained PLA2 – which the August 2021 study linked to COVID-19. He noted that factories, biological weapons labs and even the federal government have been synthesizing synthetic venoms from venomous creatures for 50 to 60 years now. Moreover, Ardis went on to say that they have been making this synthetically and that it is just as toxic and deadly for all kinds of purposes. Ultimately, Ardis reiterated that COVID-19 is a weaponized venom. Follow for more stories about the link between snake venom and COVID-19. Watch the November 2 episode of "The Dr. Ardis Show" below. "The Dr. Ardis Show" airs every Wednesday at 10 a.m. and every Saturday at 11 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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