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Attorney and TikTok influencer explains how he was offered hundreds of dollars to make false claims about Trump, Republicans
By jdheyes // 2022-09-21
An attorney who also has an influential TikTok account has revealed that he was recently contacted by a left-wing group claiming to support "democracy" and offered hundreds of dollars to make a blatantly false video regarding the Jan. 6 false flag attack. “I was just offered $400 to make an anti-Donald Trump propaganda post related to the January 6 investigation that is completely not true,” Preston Moore revealed on his TikTok Friday. “I should start out this video by saying I’m not a Donald Trump supporter. So that should give a little bit of context to where I’m coming from.” Moore is a lawyer who works his firm's Personal Injury and Products Liability Section, meaning he handles personal injury cases and those involving allegedly faulty products. He is also a Harvard Law School graduate. “So, first things first, I get an email from somebody with the Good Info Foundation. I’m going to refer to this person as Jane. Jane sent me a message letting me know she represented the Good Info Foundation and that she was willing to offer a paid collaboration to discuss some topics related to January 6. I said, sure, why not? I’ll learn some more. Jane says the Good Info Foundation will give me $400 to make a post on my page and then share it on Instagram,” Moore explained in a video posted to his account. The foundation is headed by Rick Stengel who served as then-President Barack Obama’s Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs from 2014 to 2016. So right away, we know that he's a left-wing hack. “The January 6th Committee investigation has proven an ongoing criminal conspiracy to overthrow our elections and take away our freedoms,” the Good Information Foundation says on its website, which is a blatant lie. “MAGA Republicans have known all along that Trump betrayed the American people and they have selfishly and cowardly sided with him over freedom. They want to make this a country where men control women, armed white militants control us all, and a handful of wealthy white politicians control our lives and our futures," the site adds. Again, there is nothing "good" about this alleged "information." In order to obtain his $400 stipend, Moore was provided a guideline to refer to the January 6 incident based on the “Important Notes” on a list. Here is what the guideline states:


  • Remind your followers about the images and scenes from the January 6th insurrection
    • Example: “You probably saw this [greenscreen of Jan 6th violence] happen but what a lot of people don’t know is that the violence on January 6th was actually planned and paid for by Trump Republicans.”
  • Talk about the many aspects of their plan and the broad involvement of Trump officials, members of Congress, etc
    • Example: “The Trump campaign paid literally millions of dollars to make January 6th happen.”
  • Make this about consequences – protecting our freedom to vote and ensuring the will of the people prevails
    • Example: “It’s important to know that this wasn’t a one day thing — there is an ongoing threat of political violence or MAGA Republicans trying to overturn elections.”
  • Remind folks that the hearings are not over, and talk about how important it is to stay informed ahead of the midterms in November.
    • Example: “The January 6th Committee is holding more hearings in September and I think you should watch them…”
    • Make this about consequences – protecting our freedom to vote and ensuring the will of the people prevails
    • Focus on the future: The ongoing threat of future violence and attempts to claim and hold power
    • Talk about the danger to our freedom as a country, as voters
  • SOURCES Please feel free to use any supplemental content from the CSPAN video library for your video.
    • Graphic images of what actually occurred during the riot at the Capitol. **VIDEO HERE.**
    • Live testimony with vivid recounting of what happened. VIDEO HERE.
    • If any of the videos listed above do not fit your messaging, go HERE for more.
The guideline then instructs influencers how to refer to the Jan. 6 riot:
  • Say “criminal conspiracy”, not “attempted coup,” “treason” or “insurrection”.
  • Say “Trump Republicans”, not “Trump and his allies.”
  • Say “January 6th investigation”, not “hearing” or “trial.”
  • Call this an “attack on our country” or an attack on “America” or on “Americans” and a “criminal conspiracy,” “committed crime.”
  • Talk about “MAGA Republicans” etc.
  • Make clear this is ongoing and unresolved, not past and done.
  • Show voter agency, turn the anger into defiance.
But Moore, for his part, balked big time, seeing the hypocrisy in a group with "Good Information" in its name asking him and other influencers to blatantly lie. He went on to explain that he attempted to get clarification from "Jane" about certain accusations he was supposed to make in his video, but she continually dodged the questions, which told him all he needed to know. “I’m not interested and the rate doesn’t work for me. This is the Good Info Foundation. They boast on their home page that good information is the lifeblood of a democracy,” said Moore. “They further cry that we are in an information crisis. And you know the crazy thing about all of that? They’re right." WATCH: Sources include: