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Ideas for how to fix a broken medical system
By victort1 // 2022-07-25

Executive summary

(Article republished from I have a list of changes that could be made to fix a badly broken medical system. The problem with my list is that it shouldn’t be coming from an engineer in California. Why isn’t the medical community itself realizing how broken the system is and making a list of needed reforms? The answer is simple: the system is now too corrupt to correct itself. It must be reformed by listening to people from outside the medical community.

My list of ways to restore trust in the medical system

Here are just a few ideas. This list is not exhaustive. I have a much more detailed list of over 100 changes that I haven’t had time to publish yet. This is just my short list.
  1. We should eliminate the liability protection for vaccine manufacturers and people who give the shot. After all, they have ASSURED us it is safe and effective. So what should they be afraid of?
  2. Severe consequences for any medical personnel who fail to report adverse events to the VAERS system. Boy, would that change things.
  3. Independent review panels staffed by people who have been critical of the COVID vaccines (i.e., were on the side of science)
  4. EUAs that are only granted if the drug has equal to or better safety and efficacy than solutions that are available. There should be an appeal available to an outside body with no conflicts if the FDA either improperly denies an EUA or issues an EUA. Right now, there is no accountability.
  5. EUAs should be automatically revoked once the drug is approved (instead of this “infinitely long” EUA which allows the drug maker to escape liability)
  6. A means for public accountability for FDA, CDC, public health, and outside committee members who can currently duck all legitimate attempts by credible scientists to challenge them.
  7. A VAERS system which is run by an independent agency and adopts the ESP:VAERS improvements. The VAERS team is solely tasked with identifying safety signals and assessing probable causality.
  8. Immediate full transparency of all documents for any drug getting EUA or full approval
  9. A replacement for state medical board disciplinary processes as these organizations are today the judge, jury, and executioner and there is no appeal. Simply allowing appeals in a court of law would be a huge step forward. Those appeals should result in $1M fines to the medical boards (paid to the physician) if the case is reversed.
  10. Punishment for Facebook and other social media companies who discriminate against vaccine injured people by deleting their posts and groups. Someone who is injured by a medical intervention approved by the government should be a “protected class.”
  11. No more mandates by local, state, federal and private companies.
  12. Informed consents that must be signed and that truly capture the risks. The drug companies shall be held liable if this list omits any risks. The risks should be quantified.
  13. Adherence to the Nuremberg Code.
  14. Fauci needs to be fired. There should never be an individual in government with as much power over budgets and advice as he has had. Especially since he doesn’t allow anyone to publicly challenge what he says.
  15. There needs to be regular public forums where qualified people can engage in a dialog with the authorities. The lack of peer accountability has enabled all this to happen.
  16. End the silencing of physicians by medical boards, hospitals, social media companies. There is something seriously wrong with a society who needs to silence free speech. For example, one of the world’s top medical institutions silenced one of their top doctors (who had been telling the truth) and further made the physician sign a confidentiality agreement about the silencing. Why doesn’t the press simply ask the top 10 US medical schools who did this. It would be interesting to see how many schools admit to doing this. I can guarantee you at least one school on this top 10 list has done this and I can prove it. I’d be willing to bet anyone $10M I’m right. Any takers?
  17. We need to investigate how the NIH didn’t recommend a single repurposed drug or supplement for use against COVID. That is ridiculous. Heads need to roll here and people must be held accountable. Fluvoxamine and ivermectin have peer-reviewed meta-analysis and systematic reviews supporting their use and the NIH is neutral. Seriously? Either evidence-based medicine is completely broken or the NIH committee is corrupt. The latter seems more likely.
  18. Pharmacists shouldn’t be denying prescriptions of ivermectin without clear and compelling evidence. Any pharmacist denying such live saving meds should be investigated and have their license revoked.
  19. There needs to be accountability for state medical boards who are going after physicians for writing vaccine exemptions, mask exemptions, and ivermectin prescriptions. There is clear evidence the boards are wrong and no board will allow themselves to be held accountable for their wrong decisions. This is broken and needs to be fixed.
  20. Today, hospitals are rewarded if they follow the CDC/NIH treatment protocol: they escape all liability and get lots of money for doing the intervention. What if the incentives were reversed: that hospitals were rewarded for every COVID patient that they save? And give them the flexibility to have doctors use their judgment. What will happen is that instead of a static protocol that kills people, we’d quickly find protocols that save everyone’s life. Paul Marik would turn into the most popular man in America instead of someone that people ignore and censor.


That’s my list of some ways to improve the system. The better option is to ask each medical school dean for their list. It will be stunning to see what they come up with in comparison with my list. I predict nothing will happen until most people realize the vaccines were a disaster and heads roll. Then people will be receptive to the ideas in this article. Read more at: