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For people who already caught Covid and beat it, there are ZERO reasons to get a Covid vaccine, and ZERO reasons that the US government should force it on them
By sdwells // 2021-10-03
Anyone who was born before the measles shot knows that the vaccine wasn't necessary if they already had the measles. Natural immunity lasts a long, long time, and much longer than any artificial kind conjured up by vaccine pathogens. Science determined that immunity from measles is lifelong, therefore negating any need for a measles vaccine post-infection, and the same goes for chicken pox. That means there are zero validated reasons for vaccination and only chances of health detriment can come from it. That brings us to Covid, and sure, it's not the same virus, since it was created in a lab, but natural immunity is still natural immunity, so let's take a look at the science behind it all, then make an informed judgment call.

Mass media and CDC spread disinformation about Covid vaccination and it spreads like cancer – and it is NOT science-based information, just propaganda to push dirty jabs

Natural immunity after infection is very important, and vital to human evolution, along with the evolution of viruses, bacteria, pathogens and parasites. We all have to "adapt and adopt" or we lose. Survival of the fittest has never been more realized than right now. The genetically engineered Covid viruses are morphing, changing and adapting to these weak antibodies that vaccinated sheeple are producing, so any vaccine-conjured immunity is worthless within just months. In a groundbreaking study done by the Cleveland Clinic on 50,000 of their employees, they discovered the China Flu jabs did not provide any more immunity for the vaccinated 95 percent group than for the (non-vaccinated) 5 percent group who already caught Covid and beat it. More science? You got it. In another recent study conducted at Washington University, researchers found "ample plasma cells in the bone marrow of those recovering from Covid," and that was a year after recovery. That's science-based evidence that provides proof there is natural immunity with memory for Covid in the human body, and that it's longer lasting than any provided by vaccines, as proven also by every pharma talking head who's demanding booster shots already. In other words, these Covid-recovered patients are at near ZERO risk of getting sick from the Covid virus again, and the researchers described their findings as "significant and durable." The researchers even issued a non-competing interest statement, a no-funding statement, and declarations that they followed all relevant ethical guidelines. The study was also approved by Cleveland Clinic's Institutional Review Board.

Top 8 reasons NOT to get a Covid vaccine:

  1. Shots provide zero immunity to Covid.
  2. Shots don't stop transmission of Covid.
  3. Shots are NOT proven to keep you from getting a "bad case" of Covid.
  4. Shots are dangerous, with common side effects of blood clots and myocarditis.
  5. Shot effectiveness, if any, wanes within a few months.
  6. Booster shots are even more dangerous, introducing billions MORE prions into the bloodstream, brain, heart and vital cleansing organs.
  7. Natural immunity is far more powerful than anything the vaccines might deliver and it's much longer lasting.
  8. The Covid vaccines wipe out any natural immunity and destroy all the antibodies your body already created.
Follow the science and you will discover how worthless and dangerous the Covid clot shots really are. They are being pushed by some of the most evil people on the planet, who want to take away all of your rights, freedom and immunity by forcing into your body their dirty clot shots, and send you on a one-way-ticket to the place from which you most likely will never return (where they experiment on you with deadly drugs and choking tubes) … the hospital. Is someone you know suffering from post-Covid-vax Spike Protein Syndrome? Tune your truth news dial to for the best ways to keep your body healthy, your home safe, and your constitution protected. Sources for this article include: