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What's next on the ABSURD Covid-19 "medical" technology chopping block?
By sdwells // 2021-04-28
Today, if you're pro-science, then you're labeled anti-science, because the Covid-19 vaccines don't really work. That's why it doesn't matter what they invent next for the 150 million American sheeple who worship Western Medicine and are too dumb to know any better. The brainwashed 150 million Americans are all staring at their televisions and smartphones now, waiting for instructions from the corrupt CDC on when to get their next phase of the deadly mRNA vaccine series. Meanwhile, they're all going crazy from breathing in their own spent, stinky, bacteria-laden breath in their carbon-dioxide-trapping masks. Since less oxygen is available with each breath, symptoms begin to develop, including rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, emotional upsets, and chronic fatigue. As less and less oxygen becomes available, victims incur nausea, vomiting and begin collapsing, as we've witnessed health officials themselves experiencing while talking about how great mask wearing is for you. Their immune systems are all compromised and shocked to the core, and they're begging for more punishment to quell their propaganda-crafted fears. So here they come.

Probable Covid-19 'medical' interventions, inventions and guidelines (laws) coming your way soon

  • Pre-soaked, slow-release antibiotic-laden masks: All masks include chemical disinfectants that combine bleach with ammonia for added safety, and to kill any bacteria in and around the mouth.
  • Phase III and IV of Covid-19 vaccine series, a.k.a. "kill switch": These two vaccines will enable the next, more virulent strains of Covid-19 to eliminate the vaccinated without a hitch, and it can all be blamed on a 'stronger' mutation, never the vaccines themselves, even though it will mainly be the vaccinated who die from the new strains.
  • Social distance tasers for all Americans: Infrared laser-tasers that zap anyone within 6 feet of you with a tiny shock so they will remain at a safe distance. The closer they get, the worse the shock hurts. Works with any Bill Gates government-approved software and smart device (that's all of them soon). Comes with mandatory automated voice over that warns your space intruder about increasing and possible fatal shock current.
  • Combination Super Vaccine: Flu-Zika-Swine-Measles-Covid-19 vaccine. Manufactured in China, this vaccine features lots of mercury to ensure 'stability' and as a preservative. Also includes human abortion cells, aluminum, MSG, and two deadly pig-virus strains called circovirus.
  • Mandatory full-head bubble mask globe: Nothing keeps you safer from Covid-19 than a large plastic bag or 'bubble mask' that covers your whole head like a globe and wraps tightly around your neck. It's great because once you're dead from that, no more hypochondriac worries and fears about catching the China Flu. Problem solved.
  • Antibiotic gummy bears for kids: These are great because antibiotics don't fight viruses, but make them worse, as they kill all bacteria in the gut, including flora that helps you fight off disease. Perfect for population reduction scheming.
  • Mask/bracelet shocker app: Smart device tracking app with matching permanent bracelet (for wrist or ankle) that shocks you if you take off your mask or enter a 'quarantined' area, restaurant, school, workplace, etc.
  • Covid-19 mRNA-embedded government-issued wrist tattoos - with serial numbers and nano-technology for 'boosting' your immune system with amazing 'protein prions' should you enter a 'high capacity' Covid-infected region of the country (any Blue state). In case you don't know, prions are misfolded proteins with the ability to transmit their misfolded shape onto normal variants of the same protein, characterizing several fatal and transmissible neurodegenerative diseases in humans and other animals.
  • BONUS: Gun buyback program where "all proceeds go to fighting Covid-19" - this would serve as the beginning of the massive gun confiscation campaign so the globalists and Marxists can attack specific "enemies of the state" and fulfill the socialist/communist nightmare takeover/destruction of America.

More dirty and deadly mRNA vaccines are on the way for the sheeple of the world

Expect the coronavirus vaccines to keep getting worse, more dangerous and more frequently required, as new strains of Covid-19 mutate into more virulent versions that are immune to the previously administered dirty and useless vaccines. Every season is China Flu season in America, so run out and get your booster shot today. It's free everywhere because it kills you slowly at your own expense. Remember, psycho governments don't give away medicine for free to protect their people. Think about that one for a minute, then tune your internet frequency to for updates on vaccines that do more harm than good. Sources for this article include: