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BOMBSHELL: Covid-19 isn't a pandemic plan, it's an EXTERMINATION plan for humanity
By healthranger // 2020-10-20
About a year ago, I gave a live presentation in Branson, Missouri, that is only now being made fully public. The presentation, shown below via, reveals that the real master plan which led to COVID is actually an extermination plan for humanity. Population reduction has been the goal all along. But where the globalists have shown their true evil genius is in their choice of creating a biological weapon with high transmission rather than high fatality rates. The virus was never very deadly to people under the age of 50, but it was always highly contagious to people of all ages. And that contagiousness, it turns out, was enough to advance their nefarious plan against humanity. The rapid spread of the virus allowed the globalist-controlled media to claim "cases" were skyrocketing, thereby justifying weaponized lockdowns and a global rolling out of medical fascism disguised as "public health" policies. Based entirely on the speed of the spread of the virus, cities, states and nations of the world were able to achieve three key goals that represent the necessary precursors to global human extermination:
  1. Crushing the existing human economies of the world, including food production, ultimately leading to mass famine, homelessness and total dependence on government.
  2. Rolling out new, Orwellian medical fascism laws and edicts that set the precedent for mass arrests and forced relocation into "quarantine camps" for those who resist. These camps, of course, are actually death camps and processing facilities for eliminating human beings.
  3. Forcing compliance with global vaccine mandates which will of course be used to achieve global infertility and accelerated deaths from diseases and subsequent infections. Whereas a pathogen could not achieve a 90% death rate on its own, the engineered pathogen (the Wuhan coronavirus) was able to be used to drive people into mass vaccine compliance, during which they can be directly injected with toxic substances, vaccine compliance tracking nanotech (quantum dots) and biology-altering mRNA sequences that literally hijack the body's cells and reprogram them to produce whatever protein sequences are engineered into the mRNA vaccines.
Thus, globalists have simultaneously built a global pandemic prison camp combined with a mandatory vaccine obedience system through which they can repeatedly spread more infectious disease and promote accelerated deaths or infertility. The end goal, as globalists like Bill Gates openly support, is the elimination of billions of human beings living today. Ideally, globalists seek to reduce the world population to about 500 million people, which is roughly a 94% reduction in the current human population.

The world you once knew is never coming back, because the globalists who run the world have other plans

Each day, more and more people are coming to realize that there will be no restoration of the world we all once knew. Globalists have no intention of restoring human freedom, economic prosperity and global mobility. Now, human societies are being deliberately crushed -- even in the face of contradictory scientific evidence that shows lockdowns don't work -- in order to cause mass destitution and collapse. Only through this planned collapse can the billions of people in the world be forced into subservience to the globalist depopulation agenda. A key element of this is the Universal Basic Income (UBI), which has already been rolled out across America for the last several months, under the approval of Republicans, Democrats and President Trump. The UBI provides basic sustenance income to allow people to purchase food and stay alive, while CDC mandates prohibit the eviction of renters who can no longer pay rent. Through the UBI, the eviction ban and the pumping up of the stock market with Fed money printing policies, America remains under the false appearance that the economy is rebounding. In truth, these are all temporary, makeshift tactics to prevent millions of homeless from spilling out into the streets right before an election. The real plan -- about to be rolled out -- is to tie UBI benefits to vaccine compliance and speech compliance. Only the obedient will be granted government credits for food, and anyone who refuses to take the new vaccine will be cut off from government benefits. This is a deliberate "squeeze" to force the sheeple into mass vaccine suicide by making sure they cannot function in society (or receive government benefits) unless they go along with the vaccine mandates, which are of course a global extermination program disguised as a public health program.

How vaccines will be used to exterminate billions of humans while amplifying infectious disease on a global scale

The mass extermination via vaccines consists of two strategies:
  1. Lacing the vaccines with new bioweapons viral strains to ensure the continuation of the "outbreak" narrative. Notably, this only requires less than one percent of administered vaccines to be laced.
  2. Engineering the vaccines to cause a very high fatality rate upon exposure to a secondary future infection, in a fatal reaction called a "cytokine storm," which is a hyper-inflammation event that leads to rapid death.
Thus, people won't be dropping dead right away after taking the vaccines. Instead, they will seem fine until the next major bioweapon pandemic hits them, at which point the fatality rate will be extremely high (perhaps as high as 75% averaged across all age groups). The next strain to be released via the vaccines will be COVID-21, and the COVID-21 strain could be rightly considered the second half of a binary weapon system that will achieve extremely high kill rates for human beings across the globe. Importantly, the mass die-offs will further justify government lockdowns, quarantines and medical authoritarianism that grants governments the power to forcefully inject people, kidnap people, imprison people and even exterminate people at will. The mass hysteria from the sudden wave of deaths will also feed directly into the justification of increased censorship by the tech giants, which will de-platform anyone who discusses the truth about how this entire scheme was planned from the start. What ends up being created is a feedback loop of death, hysteria and tyranny. The more people die, the more hysteria the media spreads and the more tyranny is justified by the state. This, in turn, results in higher numbers of vaccine injections, which spread more weaponized viral strains, resulting in another wave of hysteria and so on. It's the perfect scam of tyranny and depopulation: The very governments who are building the bioweapons are using them to exterminate the masses while using the infections to justify their own power to administer the extermination weapons (i.e. vaccines).

Government tyrants are giggling with joy with their newfound powers over life and death

YouTube has just recently confirmed it will ban all vaccine videos that don't toe the line of Big Pharma and the China-run WHO. We've all witnessed the accelerating purges of so-called "anti-vax" channels and speakers across all the major tech platforms. It's all part of the narrative control that will maintain information monopolies to keep pushing the vaccines, lockdowns and tyranny that's killing human beings by the billions. This is how they pull it off! It's not the pandemic that's really killing people; it's the governments. And any who don't surrender to the tyranny will be singled out as "threats" to public health, then silenced or forcibly removed. Victoria, Australia has already beta tested these programs and has found a shocking degree of compliance among the population that's targeted for extermination. New Zealand has also discovered shockingly high levels of compliance, and Canada is finding much the same thing. As it turns out, "progressive" societies are filled with eager-to-obey sheeple who maintain irrational faith and trust in government -- the very same government that's preparing them all to be terminated. Resistance groups are growing all around the world, including in America where local economies (in conservative states) have fared relatively well by avoiding the punitive lockdowns that now characterize left-leaning cities and states. This is the reason the globalists are working desperately to remove President Trump from power: Trump and his followers are the last remaining defenses for humanity, standing up against the anti-human forces of tyranny and destruction that built the coronavirus bioweapon in the first place (and released it on purpose, then lied about it). Thus, Trump must be removed from power at all costs, and his followers and supporters must be silenced, criminalized, smeared and eliminated at all costs as well. No pro-human voice that resists the COVID-21 tyranny scheme may be allowed to exist, or the entire plan could be placed in jeopardy because it requires broad voluntary compliance of the sheeple who are being culled. The minute the sheeple wake up and realize they are being led to the slaughter, they might not follow orders so easily.

How billions of humans will line up and beg to be "suicided" with vaccines

Rational people can process most of what I've described above, if they do the research and aren't brain damaged from fluoride, pesticides, heavy metals and 5G. But now we bring in a topic where many people just can't fathom the reality: Earth's globalists are following orders from non-human entities. Different people describe these non-human, non-Earth entities in different ways. To some people, they are demons of supernatural origin. To others, they are aliens of extraterrestrial origin. Still others say they are AI systems from advanced civilizations across the cosmos, and another explanation describes these influencing entities as interdimensional beings from a parallel universe. (Interesting note: CERN scientists have announced they are preparing to power up CERN to literally "make contact with a parallel universe," according to mainstream media headlines.) Whatever you call it, there exist non-human influences that seek to utterly eliminate the human race and cleanse planet Earth of humans. By some accounts, globalists have even been handed exotic technologies -- such as genetic engineering tech, nanotech or anti-matter energy tech -- to help achieve these goals in an efficient manner. In essence, globalists have been commanded to eliminate most human beings in the most efficient manner possible, and it turns out that the most efficient way to achieve that is to convince humans to commit medical suicide. (i.e. line up and beg for vaccines). It's actually much more work to try to exterminate human beings by force, because they will resist with force. But if you can roll out a global pandemic, crush the world's economies, enslave the people while driving them all bankrupt and then demand their obedience to a medical police state, those very same people you are trying to eliminate will line up and beg to be "suicided" with vaccines. And that's precisely how this is being accomplished. Under the Trump administration, this program is called "Operation Warp Speed," but Trump himself isn't on board with the final solution, we believe. Rather, he's playing along for other reasons, such as using the operation to strategically place military personnel in cities across America in preparation for a possible civil war uprising by Leftists. But even the name "Operation Warp Speed" should be a red flag. Translated into the real goals of the globalists, it would be called Operation Fast Kill.

Why kill off human with vaccines when nuclear weapons would be so much faster? Answer: Organism specificity

You might wonder why the anti-human forces don't simply nuke the planet and eliminate humans that way. The answer is because Earth's ecosystem has value to all intelligent entities, and they do not seek the ruination of this planet; merely the elimination of the humans who inhabit it. Whatever weapon they use must be deployed with organism specificity so that it kills only humans, not apes, monkeys or other non-human primates, nor other mammals. This is why genetically engineered vaccines are the ideal weapon for the extermination of humanity: They are very specific to human beings and pose essentially no risk of harm to the larger biosphere.

The point is to kill humans before humans kill the biosphere

In terms of motivations for all this, many believe this effort is also aligned with the idea that humans are in the process of destroying Earth's biosphere -- via pollution, radiation, microplastics, ecological destruction, etc. -- and that if humans aren't eliminated, the planet will reach a tipping point and find itself plunged into a mass extinction event which might require millions of years of recovery time. This argument has nothing to do with the hoax of "climate change," but rather centers on the mass chemical pollution and ecological destruction that humans continue to unleash across the planet, with complete disregard for the long-term effects of such actions. From the point of view of non-humans, humans have become a cancer to Earth, and healing the Earth will require removing that cancer (i.e. human beings). In summary so far:
  • Non-human entities have ordered globalists to engineer a scheme in which billions of humans can be eliminated without much of a fight.
  • The Wuhan coronavirus was engineered and released to stir up mass media hysteria in order to justify the deployment of medical police state policies around the globe.
  • Human economies were deliberately crushed in order to obliterate economic abundance and make most humans economic slaves (refugees) dependent on government, taking away their individual liberties or economic options.
  • Governments will only pay benefits to those who agree to line up and get vaccinated with the "kill switch" vaccines.
  • The deaths won't occur immediately, but upon exposure to the next pathogen being released in the binary weapon depopulation scheme.
  • Once the great masses of human sheeple have been culled, the non-human entities can engage the remaining human resistance forces and eliminate them in a mop-up operation, preparing planet Earth for post-human colonization and other applications. Those human globalists who aided in the extermination agenda will of course be betrayed and eliminated themselves. Bill Gates, in other words, will eventually wind up with his own head on a stick, too.

Watch the Oblivion Agenda lecture series to get the full explanation in great detail

In the following 4-part lecture, I reveal why Earth has cosmic real estate value that's recognized by all intelligent civilizations, and why Faster-Than-Light (FTL) travel technology is ubiquitous across the cosmos. Earth's location in the Milky Way galaxy puts it right in the thick of traffic from other civilizations, who have obviously watched the rise of Homo Sapiens and have no doubt sounded alarm bells over the nuclear weapons testing that humans have been carrying out since 1945. Setting off nukes on your own planet, by the way, is sort of a cosmic-scale way to announce to the universe, "We are here, and we are infinitely stupid. Someone please stop us before we destroy everything within reach." Even aliens, you see, can't change the laws of physics. Radioisotopic half-lives are the same, everywhere in the cosmos, and they can't be altered when anything short of nuclear fusion or fission reactors. Once you contaminate a planet with radiation, that planet is a biohazard for millennia, if not longer, and this holds true no matter what life form you might have in mind for occupying that planet. Thus, with humanity's mass pollution of the oceans due to microplastics, combined with the Fukushima disaster and the impending structural collapse of the Three Gorges Dam which will unleash a wave of nuclear accidents that poison most of the Northern Hemisphere, observers who have been watching Earth have reached what they see as the point of necessary interventions to save Earth from humanity. It appears they have made the decision to initiate the extermination of humans. Biological weapons use human tissue to replicate the weapon itself, allow the weapon to be race-specific and to focus its second wave of binary death on the most highly-populated areas (cities). It is no coincidence that cities are where lockdowns and vaccine compliance programs are being most aggressively announced as well. This is where mass compliance can achieve the most efficient mass exterminations in the years ahead.

How political upheaval and civil war play right into the mass extermination agenda

Within this framework of the mass extermination of humans, any geopolitical wars or civil wars that can accelerate economic destruction and the collapse of public health are viewed as aiding the larger goal of global extermination. Notably, nuclear weapons will not be allowed to be deployed for the reasons stated above (i.e. the pollution is impossible to reverse). They can, instead, be decommissioned after launch via exotic non-Earth tech which has already been deployed against ICBM tests. But conventional, kinetic wars between nations will be encouraged, as will domestic wars. Anything that promotes chaos, death, economic destruction and the collapse of health infrastructure is seen as accelerating the end goal of global depopulation. Part of the mass mind control of humans is to keep people focused on small, tribal differences (Republicans vs. Democrats, Black vs. White or China vs. the USA) rather than realizing all humans have been targeted for extermination, and that we all share a common enemy which is not of this Earth. In less than 10,000 years, humans went from innocent, indigenous dwellers to insane, destructive, technocrats who threaten not just Earth, but every planet we can reach. As we stand on the cusp of interplanetary travel and colonization, it seems that our cosmic neighbors have decided that humans are a threat to the cosmos and must not be allowed to continue to exist. Ending humanity, they believe, is necessary to save Earth. And this is the plan you are seeing rolled out right now. Last year, I called this cosmic plan the Oblivion Agenda. I've even posted more podcasts and videos about all this at the website Here are the videos from the Branson lecture in 2019, during which I presented this to the world. I held them back for the last six months or so, believing most of humanity wasn't ready to handle this information. I'm hoping that now, after the covid-19 wake up call for humanity, the human race might be ready to learn the truth and hear this information. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Listen to more podcasts on this topic at and follow my daily social media posts at where my username is @HealthRanger.